Helps you figure fixed stake and minimize risk


The graph helps you understand how your account balance might fluctuate over time by looking at historical data.
It should also help you pick a fixed stake to use for betting.
Make sure that at no point in the graph your account balance reaches 0 as it means you would go bankrupt.

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    Starting balance

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    Fixed stake per bet

    % of starting balance
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    How to interpret the graph

    The graph basically shows how your account total would look after betting on our suggested tips starting from a particular date. (x axis)
    The graph shows how your starting balance (total available account currency) fluctuates daily based on the results of our suggested tips.
    While the trend is clearly ascending on the long-term you must focus on short-term survival e.g not staking too much of your starting balance (3-5% should be ok)
    Whatch out for high spikes, joining after a recent winning streak is generally not a good idea as the overall accuracy for our tips is the same on the long-term.
    The spikes happen when we have an abnormal win-rate (e.g winning 8 out of 8 tips on a day even though our long-term accuracy is 40% and we should of won 4/8). This is known as small sample bias
    A good analogy is flipping a coin. You generally have 50-50 chance of getting heads or tails in the long-term, if after 6 trials you got 5 heads and 1 tail there is greater chance that continuing to flip the coin will get you more tails. (provided of course that the coin is not rigged)