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The Football Prediction API is a REST API that offers predictions for upcoming football (soccer) matches.

Supported markets

Standard 1, X, 2 predictions
Both teams to score (coming soon)
Number of goals scored (coming soon)
Others (based on popular demand)

Match details

Average bookie odds
Team strength index
Stadium Capacity
Results for past matches
Distance between teams.

Supported Federations

Union of European Football Associations
Asian Football Confederation
North Central American and Caribbean Association Football
Oceania Football Confederation
South American Football Confederation
Confederation of African Football

Performance Monitoring

Find metrics about the performance of the predictions using simple api call.
Monitoring up to the last 30 days of prediction accuracy.
Lookup past predictions based on date.

Supported Competitions

national leagues
predictions per month
football teams

AFC (17)

Country Competition Name
Australia A-League
Bahrain Premier League
China Super League
India I-League, Super League
Indonesia Liga 1
Iran Pro League
Japan J. League Division 1, J. League Division 2
Kuweit Premier League
Malaysia Malaysia Super League
Qatar Stars League
Saudi Arabia Professional League
Singapore S. League
South Korea Championship Group, K-League Classic
Thailand Premier League
UAE Football League
Uzbekistan Professional League
Vietnam V-League

CAF (5)

Country Competition Name
Algeria Championnat National
Egypt Premier League
Morocco Botola
South Africa Premier Soccer League
Tunisia Ligue Professionnelle 1


Country Competition Name
Canada Soccer League
Costa Rica Primera Division
El Salvador Primera Division
Guatemala Liga Nacional
Honduras Liga Nacional
Mexico Primera Division, Liga de Ascenso
USA Major League Soccer, North American Soccer League


Country Competition Name
Argentina Superliga, Primera B Nacional
Bolivia La Liga
Brasil Serie A, Serie B, Serie C
Chile Primera Division
Colombia Categoria Primera A
Ecuador Serie A
Paraguay Primera Division
Peru Primera Division
Uruguay Primera Division
Venezuela Primera Division

OFC (1)

Country Competition Name
New Zealand Football Championship

UEFA (52)

Country Competition Name
Albania Superliga
Andorra Primera Divisio
Armenia Premier League
Austria Bundesliga, Erste Liga
Azerbaijan Premier League
Belarus Premier League
Belgium First Division A, First Division B
Bosnia and Herzegovina Premier League
Bulgaria First PFL, Second PFL
Croatia Prva HNL
Cyprus First Division
Czech Republic First League, National League
Denmark Superliga, 1st Division
England Premier League, Championship, First League, Second League, National League
Estonia Meistriliiga
Faroe Islands Premier League
Finland Veikkausliiga, Ykkonen
France Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Championnat National
Georgia Premier Liga
Germany Bundesliga, Second Bundesliga, 3. Liga
Greece Super League, Football League
Hungary NB I
Iceland Premier League, First Division
Israel Premier League, Liga Leumit
Italy Serie A, Serie B, Serie C
Kazakhstan Premier League
Latvia Virsliga
Lithuania A Lyga
Luxembourg National Division
Macedonia Prva Liga
Malta Premier League
Moldova National Division
Montenegro Prva Liga
Netherlands Eredivisie, Eerste Divisie
Northern Ireland IFA Premiership
Norway Eliteserien, OBOS-ligaen, 2. divisjon
Poland Ekstraklasa, First League
Portugal Primeira Liga, Segunda Liga
Romania Liga I
Russia Premier League, First Division
San Marino Campionato Sammarinese
Scotland Premiership, Championship, League One, League Two
Serbia SuperLiga
Slovakia Superliga, 2. Liga
Slovenia 1. SNL
Spain Primera Division, Segunda Division, Segunda Division B Groups
Sweden Allsvenskan, Superettan, Division 1
Switzerland Swiss Super League, Challenge League
Turkey Super Lig, TFF First League
Ukraine Premier League, First League
Wales Premier League

How a response looks like

This is a sample request to the /v1/predictions endpoint.


  "field_length": 105,
  "start_date": "2018-03-05T17:00:00",
  "is_expired": true,
  "field_width": 68,
  "competition_name": "Super Lig",
  "home_team": "Trabzonspor",
  "probabilities": {
    "2": 0.532,
    "1": 0.219,
    "12": 0.751,
    "1X": 0.468,
    "X2": 0.781,
    "X": 0.249
  "federation": "UEFA",
  "prediction": "2",
  "id": 6288,
  "last_update_at": "2018-03-05T14:05:29.867000",
  "season": "2017 - 2018",
  "result": "0 - 2",
  "home_strength": 0.469333333333333,
  "odds": {
    "2": 2.057,
    "1": 3.269,
    "12": 1.249,
    "1X": 1.726,
    "X2": 1.311,
    "X": 3.525
  "away_strength": 2.05122194221415,
  "distance_between_teams": 903,
  "stadium_capacity": 24169,
  "status": "won",
  "competition_cluster": "Turkey",
  "away_team": "Besiktas"
Name Sample Description
id 6310 Unique identifier for a prediction
competition_cluster Switzerland The country where the competition is taking place.
competition_name Challenge League The name of the league within the competition_cluster.
federation UEFA The name of the football association (regional bodies such as UEFA).
season 2017 - 2018 The portion the year in which regulated games for the competition are played.
start_date 2018-03-05 19:00:00 The GMT/BST start date of the predicted event.
last_update_at 2018-03-03 19:06:14.041 The GMT/BST timestamp of the last update available for this prediction. In very rare cases a prediction outcome may change if radical new information is available for the event.
home_team Winterthur The name of the team playing at home.
away_team Neuchatel Xamax The name of the team playing away.
prediction 1 The predicted output of the bet, in this case 1 means home team victory (output depends on the market).
odds.* 1.5 Averaged decimal odds from the major bookmakers.
probabilities.* 0.53 The probability from 0 to 1 assigned to a certain prediction.
is_expired false Boolean flag which is true if the event start_date is in the past.
status pending Is equal to "pending" until a result is available. When a result is available the status is updated to "lost", "won" or "postponed"
home_strength 0.357 The home team strength according to the number of goals scored in the past against teams similar to the one faced in the current event. The defence of the away_team also influences this score.
away_strength 0.94 Same as the home_strength only for the away_team.
distance_between_teams 148 The distance in kilometers traveled by the away_team in order to attend the event.
stadium_capacity 8550 The maximum capacity of the Stadium where the event is played.
field_length 105 The length of the football field where the match is played.
field_width 68 The width of the football field where the match is played.
All available endpoints

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Our Plans


$0 /month

  • Only 25 calls to prediction endpoint per month.
    (0.15$ per extra call)
  • Predictions available 12h ahead.
  • Prediction probabilities.
  • Team strength metrics
  • Stadium information
  • Distance between teams


$13.99 /month

  • 700 calls to prediction endpoint per month.
    (0.07$ per extra call)
  • Predictions available 48h ahead.
  • Prediction probabilities.
  • Team strength metrics
  • Stadium information
  • Distance between teams


$29.99 /month

  • Unlimited calls to prediction endpoint per month.
  • Predictions available 48h ahead.
  • Prediction probabilities.
  • Team strength metrics
  • Stadium information
  • Distance between teams

Got some unanswered questions?

Feel free to ask!


What parameters are used to make the predictions?

- Historical stats (avg goals scored, clean sheets, etc) of team A vs teams similar to team B.
- Poisson probabilities.
- League statistics.
- How the two teams compare against the league.
- Other factors (stadium capacity, distance between teams)

What is the maximum time before an event that a prediction is available ?

Maximum time ahead before a prediction is available is 48 hours. (available to ULTRA, MEGA plans).

Why does a certain event does not appear as a prediction?

There could be multiple causes for that including:
- The league / country is not supported.
- The event is over 48h ahead.
- It involves a newly promoted or relegated team.
- There aren't enough games played against similar adversaries.
- The prediction models are not confident enough to predict the outcome.